Complete allergen information

Filling Allergens
Avocado with sun dried tomatoes, pesto and mozzerrella contains Gluten
Avocado and chicken none
Avocado with prawns none
Bacon none
B.L.T. none
Brie with grape and redcurrant jelly none
Cheese and beans none
Cheese none
Tuna mayo none
Ham none
Bacon, brie and cranberry contains Crustaceans
Cheese and pickle contains Mustard, contains Celery, contains Nuts
Bread Allergens
Baguette none
Ciabatta none
Granary sliced none
Wrap none
Panini none
White roll contains Gluten
Brown roll contains Gluten
Salad Allergens
Tomato none
Lettuce none
Cucumber none
Spread Allergens
Margarine none
Butter none
No spread none
Drizzle of olive oil none
Seasoning Allergens
Salt none
Pepper none
Flavour Allergens
Cream of tomato contains Gluten
Mushroom none
Topping Allergens
Croutons contains Gluten
Cheese none
Toasted Allergens
Not toasted none
Toasted none
> Drinks
>> Fizzy drinks
>>> Bottles
Cola 500ml none
Fanta 500ml none
>>> Cans
Ginger Ale 330ml none
> Fruit juice
Orange Juice none
> Single items
>> Crisps
Walkers Ready Salted extra salted and long to test the lable extremity none
Hot Crisps none
>> Nuts
Salted Cashews none
Salted Peanuts none
Dry Roasted Peanuts none
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